FA1301-WG4 call for a STSM 2015

imrThe FA1301 COST Action is advertising a call for a STSM 2015 aimed to contribute to the development of the Cephalopod Welfare Index (FA1301-WG4).

The call is intended for young students and/or ESRs that are interested to study the interaction between basic, behavioral and physiological needs of species considered in this COST Action in assessing animal welfare.

The suggested workplan would be based on deducing data from literature. Highly motivated young early career are encouraged to apply!

The Host Institution for this STSM will be the Institute of Marine Research (Norway) aimed to research and advice on  aquaculture and the ecosystems and providing high standard research facing with new scientific challenges. Among its scientific activities IMR is also focused on the concept of animal welfare. The Institute of Marine Research is the authorities’ centre of expertise for animal welfare in the fisheries and aquaculture industry. The Animal welfare research group plays a central role in building up our knowledge and developing methods in this area.

If you are interested send an email directly to Dr Giovanna Ponte within Thursday 30 July, 2015.


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